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NLP in Greater Detail

It's interesting isn't it? And everywhere you look you will find a different explanation. This is my, very personal, description of NLP! So… I like to take it apart and then put it back together again. What you may notice is that once the parts are put back together, the whole thing seems to mean something more, and this is so often my experience with NLP - The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


At the simplest level 'Linguistic' refers to the part that language plays in the way we experience life and it is an absolutely fascinating and powerful part.

detailed attention

NLP training pays detailed attention to language in all its forms – verbal and non-verbal. We know that we use language to communicate with others but how many of us have paid attention to how we communicate with ourselves? We motivate or de-motivate ourselves constantly with self talk.

rewrite the foundations

Often unwittingly we filter, generalise and distort experience and then respond accordingly. With NLP it becomes possible to change our filters, choose our generalisations and address distortions in order to rewrite the foundations on which we are building our lives. “We can create new options for ourselves”.


Of course 'Neuro' refers to more than just the brain. It encompasses the entire system that incorporates mind and body in a single interrelationship including how we organise our emotional and psychological life.


Because our neurology is organised as a direct result of our experience, each of us has a unique neurological matrix made up of an incredibly complex 'ravel' of pathways formed by the connections made as every cell in our body communicates with every other cell simultaneously.


The beauty of this understanding is that it indicates that we can design changes that will change our emotional and psychological make-up. By creating new neural pathways and exercising them we give ourselves more choice.


Most of us don't know that we are running and repeating patterns of thought, action and behaviour like a computer running the same programs over and over again.

patterns of behaviour

Sometimes our patterns of behaviour can become so firmly established that it seems they are part of our personality. We are probably content with most of our programs and, like riding a bike, we don't need to think about it. We can let the routines run in the background allowing us to focus on planning a holiday or learning a new skill.


If however we have picked up a habit that feels uncomfortable, or upsets, angers or offends people around us, we might look for a way of changing it in order to achieve a different outcome. NLP allows you to select the outcome you want and make the changes that will make the difference.