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Narrative NLP

Welcome to the most recent venture in NLP Devon's development.

I am currently studying Narrative Coaching and see significant potential for the integration of the narrative approach with NLP.


Both NLP and the Narrative Approach work with our stories. What is your story? How does it influence the way you behave today? What hold does it have over how you feel? How are your thoughts shaped by your personal history?


Can you begin to imagine how would it be if you were to 'reauthor' your story? Take the existing narrative of your life and visit it from different perspectives. Rediscover elements of your experience that have been overlooked until now. Find hidden gems that reveal new possibilities: new freedom for your life. Tell a new version of your story and notice the difference.


If you would like to approach life coaching from this angle please get in touch to discuss possibilities and come back to this page regularly as I develop this exciting new field.

We are introducing the word reauthoring to the dictionary.

Albert Einstein said,

“ . . . The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious – the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science . . .“


We are standing at that cradle.

For an informal chat about Narrative NLP and your story ring me on 01395 445045 or email [email protected]