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Can NLP help me?


As you research NLP for yourself, you may well begin to feel that NLP claims to be able to help anyone with anything. This can make NLP sound like the old ‘snake oil’ cure all.

I think the truth is that NLP can be used in as many ways as there are practitioners. Each of us offers different areas of expertise and each of uses NLP in our own way.


My advice would be seek out a practitioner who makes sense to you. Look at their web site, listen to what they have to say and maybe even ask for a taster session. In this way you can get a feeling for different styles and personalities. Then you can ask yourself 'Who would I enjoy working with?'


Sometimes experience and expertise in a certain field can help. My own professional background is in teaching and management. Understandably, many of my clients are children and parents, students, teachers and head teachers.

I also work with small business owners, team leaders and people working in both private and public sectors.

Personal Experience

In addition to professional experience, personal life events can offer common ground which might inspire confidence. I had to give up a career I loved because of ill health, my children have grown up and left home, and I have experienced that sense of losing touch with your identity, not knowing which way to turn.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? NLP can make “the difference that makes the difference”.


Relationships are probably the most important aspect of life for most of us. Sometimes a relationship difficulty seems to affect every other area of our lives. At other times a relationship may suffer as a result of seemingly unrelated experiences or problems. NLP can offer a refreshingly new way of approaching your relationship and finding new ways to make the changes you are looking for.

Introductory Chat

If you are wondering whether NLP can help you please feel welcome to contact me by 'phone, email, or in person for an introductory chat. There is no charge for this and no obligation.

Beyond Expectations

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" . . .We all have, what ever we call it, baggage or preconceived ideas, notions, prejudices and so on. We usually think we know what they are, but do we? Until I did some work with Sali I had no idea of the extent or the power and the effect of these concepts. How come? Well, we know what we know, and we don't know what we don't know.

Sali helped me find out what I knew but did not know I knew.

For me these were in my subconscious and were having a profound effect on my ability to work, to allow myself to open and access what I thought I was already working on and accessing

The work with Sali is non- invasive and in simple words is a comfortable path, where you can go at your pace and achieve perceptible benefit at every step. . . . "

Brendan, Sidmouth

" ...I thought the definition of an optimist was someone who didn't know all the facts. You have in my case proved this wrong. What has happened is like a miracle! Thank you so much for the part you played in bringing it about …"

Mr A.N., Sidmouth.