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Having experienced the power of coaching and NLP to transform my own life, I'm now here to help you make the changes you want to make in yours.

My introduction to the world of personal transformation came when ill health brought a sudden end to my teaching career. I had taught for over 20 years, including 5 years specialising in Special Educational Needs, and couldn't see any other future for myself. When a good friend suggested NLP to me I had no idea what it was but thought it sounded different and decided to give it a try.

When I look back to that first NLP Diploma, I always say 'It felt like coming home'. I knew immediately that this was to be my way forward.

I am still a member of the National Union of Teachers and remain committed to helping individuals, whatever their age, move towards achieving full potential.

I am a graduate member of INLPTA,(the International NLP Trainers Association) and a hypnotherapist having qualified with the American Board of Hypnotherapy.

I have completed my first novel and also write poetry, short stories, articles and website material.

I love extending my experience and expertise in coaching, NLP, and creative writing and am always looking for interesting and challenging opportunities for continued professional development. Currently I am studying Narrative Coaching and am enrolled with the Poetry School. I am also working on a book with the working title The Art of Narrative NLP.

I am here to help you explore possibilities and move towards freedom. I am always happy to discuss the possibilities that NLP can open up so you are most welcome to contact me.

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Sali Mustafic - a graduate member of INLPTA


“. . .Oh Sali, you’re a wise woman.
I felt like I was held down by not being heard or listened to, now I feel like I can fly again. I just needed to believe I was worth it and calm down. Once calm and hearing myself it was easy. I am now being heard most of the time by staff and others that need to hear me. Hurray!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, I really appreciate your help with this . . .”

Mrs S.P., Devon.